Ella is the first person I turn to when I’m looking for a funny, clever spin on a story. She’s great at brainstorming, always nails a brief and knows how to make even the dullest subject sparkle. Her copy isn’t just sharp and insightful, it also makes me choke with laughter and spray cold tea out of my nose (you have been warned)”
Kate Wills, journalist and author

Work With Me

‘To discuss copywriting projects, brand consulting, content writing and other areas where you’d like my help, get in touch via my contact details below.’

Or so I used to say before I started working at the brilliant Wilson Fletcher.

If I’m what you’re after, but I’m not available, then get in touch anyway so I can pay it forward and connect you to people who can deliver you the results you’re after.

See What I’m Up To

My portfolio showcases my commercial and personal projects. Subscribe to my site or follow me on social media to know what I’m up to.

What’s On Offer?

A career that has spanned book publishing, public affairs at a global corporation, brand safeguarding at an award-winning tech accessories startup and writing for a national magazine, I’ve lots of experience I’d love to share. Find out more on my About page.

Articles I have ghostwritten have appeared in


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