Who else?

I might not fit the bill for what you’re after, so let me introduce you to some brilliant freelancers I know that can help elevate your brand, all the while being delightful to work with. Oh, and boasting their own networks, too. If they can’t do it, they’ll know someone who can.

ANIQUE COFFEE, Creative Growth Strategist

Anique says ‘I partner with startups and creative entrepreneurs who bring emotional intelligence and youthful energy to their own growth journey, helping them thrive in today’s business landscape.

‘Together, we are empowered leaders who put audience before ego and create purposeful connection to the community we serve.’

Bringing human-centred growth services to brands with soul? Yep, sounds like you should visit aniquecoffee.work to find out how to get this powerhouse in your life.

CHLOE FAGENCE, Social Media Wizard

I’m sure Chloe’s not prioritising her client work over providing me with a brief run-down of what she’s up to because she (rightly) guesses this site has an audience of three.

Unlike me, Chloe’s not a troll, talking about people behind their back like this. Her social media posts consistently strike the right tone of voice for any brand, improving visibility and interaction. In short, she continues your brand growth on social, or gives your analytics graphs necessary CPR. You can do better, and Chloe can show you how.

Here’s her LinkedIn in case you want to work with her (you do!), or lobby on my behalf for better content than ^this drivel^.

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